Sub WhichVersion()

    ' The Win64 constant is a misnomer
    ' It doesn't tell you anything about the "bitness" of Windows
    '   (well, indirectly it does; more on that anon)
    ' It DOES tell you the bitness of OFFICE
    ' Run this under Windows 7/8/etc. 64-bit and
    ' Office 32 and it'll tell you it's NOT Win64.
    #If Win64 Then
        Debug.Print "It says that this IS Win64"
        Debug.Print "It really means that this is 64-bit OFFICE."
        Debug.Print "(And 64-bit Windows, since 64-bit Office requires that.)"
        Debug.Print "It says it's NOT Win64"
        Debug.Print "It really means that this IS NOT 64-bit Office."
        Debug.Print "(It might be 32-bit Office on 64-bit Windows, though.)"
    #End If
    ' But indirectly, there's this:
    ' If #Win64 is true, then it IS Windows 64-bit, because:
    '   - It's Office 64-bit,
    '   - Which only runs under 64-bit Windows

    #If VBA7 Then
        Debug.Print "VBA 7, so it must be Office 2010 or later"
        Debug.Print "NOT VBA7, so Office 2007 or prior"
    #End If

End Sub