Sub RenameSoundFiles()
' If you have a presentation with linked narration, this will
' copy the linked sound files to a series of WAV files in the same folder
' as the PPT, with each WAV sequentially numbered to match the slide it
' belongs to, rather than the more confusingly named/numbered sound files
' that PPT itself creates.

    Dim oSld As Slide
    Dim oSh As Shape
    Dim sOutputPath As String

    ' edit this if you like
    sOutputPath = ActivePresentation.Path

    For Each oSld In ActivePresentation.Slides

        For Each oSh In oSld.Shapes
            If oSh.Type = msoMedia Then
                If oSh.MediaType = ppMediaTypeSound Then
                    If oSh.SoundFormat.SourceFullName <> "" Then  ' it's linked
                        FileCopy oSh.SoundFormat.SourceFullName, _
                                                 sOutputPath & "\" & "Slide_" & Format(oSld.SlideIndex,"000") & ".WAV"
                    End If
                End If
            End If
        Next oSh

End Sub