Sub ListTransitionSettings()

    Dim osld As Slide

    For Each osld In ActivePresentation.Slides

        With osld.SlideShowTransition
            Debug.Print "Entry effect" & vbTab & NameThatTransition(.EntryEffect)
            '.EntryEffect = ppEffectCombHorizontal
            Debug.Print "Speed" & vbTab & .Speed
            '.Speed = ppTransitionSpeedFast
            If .AdvanceOnTime Then
                Debug.Print "Advance time" & vbTab & .AdvanceTime
            End If
            If .AdvanceOnClick Then
                Debug.Print "Advance on click"
            End If
        End With    ' transition

    Next    ' slide

End Sub

Function NameThatTransition(lTransition As Long) As String

    Select Case lTransition
        Case 0
            NameThatTransition = "None"
        ' and so on ... you'll need to edit these to get the string to
        ' match up with the transitions you use most often
        Case 1
            NameThatTransition = "1"
        Case 2
            NameThatTransition = "2"

        Case Else
            ' this just hands back a number for the ones you haven't matched up
            NameThatTransition = CStr(lTransition)
    End Select

End Function