Sub ChangeScoreExample()
' The AddToScore function does the real work
' This is an example of how you'd call the function:

    ' Optionally, reset the score to 0

    ' Add 20 to the score and display the new score    
    MsgBox "Your score is now " & CStr(AddToScore(20))

End Sub

Function AddToScore(iIncrement As Integer) As Integer
'  Maintains current score as a Static variable
'  Changes the score by iIncrement or resets it to 0 if iIcrement - 0
'  Returns the new score to the calling routine

    Static iScore As Integer

    ' provide a way to reset the score mid-run if need be
    If iIncrement = 0 Then
        iScore = 0
    Else    ' note that you can pass a negative score as well
        iScore = iScore + iIncrement
    End If

    AddToScore = iScore

End Function