Sub StuffTheMRU2000()
' Use this with PPT 2000 and later

    Dim DummyFilePath As String
    Dim x As Long
    Dim oPres As Presentation

    ' Edit this as you wish, but it MUST end with backslash
    ' and it should always be a path on the local hard drive
    DummyFilePath = "c:\temp\"

    ' save it nine times to stuff the MRU list
    For x = 1 To 9
        ' Create a new presentation
        Set oPres = Presentations.Add(msoTrue)
        ' Add a slide to it
        Call oPres.Slides.Add(1, ppLayoutBlank)
        ' Save it so it has a name
        ActivePresentation.SaveAs FileName:=DummyFilePath & "Dummy" & CStr(x) & ".ppt"

    Set oPres = Nothing

    MsgBox ("Done!" & vbCrLf _
        & "Now save each file once again manually before closing it.")

End Sub

Sub StuffTheMRU97()
' Use this for PowerPoint 97

Dim ThePath as String
Dim i as Integer

' Edit this as you wish:
ThePath = "C:\"
' For example
' ThePath = "C:\BogusFiles\NonEntity" would give C:\BogusFiles\NonEntity1.ppt and so on

' Create a new presentation
    Presentations.Add WithWindow:=msoTrue
    ActiveWindow.View.GotoSlide Index:=ActivePresentation.Slides.Add(Index:=1, Layout:=ppLayoutTitle).SlideIndex

For i = 1 to 9
    ActivePresentation.SaveAs FileName:=ThePath & cstr(i) & ".ppt"
Next i

' Close the presentation

' Delete the files
On error resume next
For i = 1 to 9
  Kill(ThePath & Cstr(i) & ".ppt")
Next i

End Sub